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Today's Special Strains of the Day:

Blue Dream - Sativa Dominant : 19.2%

Kandy Kush - Hybrid : 18.45%

Faraona - Sativa Dominant 16.1%

Skunk Kush - Indica Dominant 18.21%

$8 grams, $25 1/8ths, $50 1/4, $100 a half oz, $200 a whole oz, no limit


Buy 1 GRAM of Bubble Hash, Get 1 Gram 50% OFF


* Price and availability is subject to change*




Black Jack - Hybrid

THC: 22.96%

CBD: 0.01%


Blue Dream - Sativa Dominant

THC: 19.2%

CBD: .012%


Sakonnet Bay Tangie - Hybrid

THC: 18.9%

CBD: < 0.01%


Kandy Kush - Hybrid

THC: 18.45%

CBD: 0.023%


EmDog - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

THC: 18.25%

CBD:  0.28%


Skunk Kush - Indica Dominant

THC: 15.6%

CBD: <0.1%


Galaxy - Indica

THC: 15.6%

CBD: 0.01%


Sakonnet Bay Evergreen- Hybrid

THC: 15.7%

CBD: <0.01%


Charlotte's Cradle - CBD Strain

THC: 4.63%

CBD: 6.06%


Charlotte's Web - CBD Strain

THC: <.01%

CBD: 14.18%







Green Poison


Indica Hybrid


Sakonnet Bay Tangie





Faraona Kush FF 73

THC: 64.1%

CBD: 0.74%


Faraona Kush FF 45

THC: 60.74%

CBD: 0.01%


Blue Dream x Skunk FF73

THC: 63.24%

CBD: 0.4%


Blue Dream x Skunk FF45

THC: 61.2%

CBD: 0.45%


Willie & Wilbur

THC: 55.62%

CBD: .45%


Straw Blue x Kosher Tangie FF73

THC: 65.81%

CBD: .27%


Straw Blue x Kosher Tangie FF45

THC: 62.6%

CBD: .52%





Cheese Tincture Glycerin

THC: 125mg


Sea Witch Olive Oil Tincture

300mg THC Per Bottle


Cheese Tincture Alcohol

THC: 250MG




THC Edibles

Ghee Sticks

-80mg/10mg per tablespoon

-300mg/75mg per tablespoon

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies  - 10mg

Chocolate Chip Cookies  - 10mg

Gluten Free Fudge Brownies  - 40mg

Gluten Free Fudge Brownies  - 20mg

Peanut Butter Truffles 3-Pack - 20mg ea.

Assorted Chocolate Bars - 60mg, 120mg

Hard Candy 4-pack - 10mg, 20mg

Fruit Chew 4-pack - 15mg

Lollipops - 40mg

Lollipops - 20mg

S'mores - 40mg 

Caramels - 5 mg 4pk   

Energy Bites  - 20 mg

Kine Bars  - 20 mg

Sea Witch Chocolate Bars (Sea Salt, Lemon Ginger) - 120mg


Sea Witch Tonic - 20mg

Flavors: Maple Cinnamon Chai


CBD Edibles 

Hard Candy Fish 20mg CBD/ 15mg THC

Hard Candy Drops 10mg CBD 7.5mg THC

Gluten Free Fudge Brownies 15mg CBD/ 15mg THC

Chocolate Bar - 120mg CBD/ 112mg THC, 120mg CBD/ 120mg THC, 60mg CBD/ 40mg THC

Ghee Sticks

-80mg CBD/10mg per tablespoon

-300mg CBD/75mg per tablespoon


*If you do not see an edible item that you would like, please inquire with Greenleaf staff to place a special order.





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